SaveMyPiz LLP (Co Reg: T12LL1173C), one of the first affordable and professional photo scanning service to be incorporated in Singapore. was founded by Damian after his grandmother passed away. SaveMyPiz was inspired by the desire to uphold her memory and forever keep her close through photo scanning.

SaveMyPiz is a company dedicated to digitizing your old, treasured photos, through photo scanning. We preserve memories by scanning one photo at a time. From family reunions to birthday parties, we’re a team in love with digitizing your photographed memories through photo scanning.

Damian knew that the hardcopies he had wouldn’t last forever and would eventually become faded and distorted. (ProTouch can repair and restore your damaged memories) But in a city like Singapore, all he could find were expensive photo digitization centers or overseas sites recommending photo scanning – though affordable, it still feels uncomfortable to part those precious photos with the courier, as any loss or damage is not covered by the photo scanning company.

Something new was needed, something new he could bring to life with a company like SaveMyPiz.

Here at SaveMyPiz, it’s our job to take your old memories, e.g. photographs and create something easy-to-view that’ll last for generations. We take your trip down memory lane and make it a breeze. Photo scanning will never be a chore for us. It is a joy we all shared in our team, to be able to see these priceless memories being preserved.

Why Our Photo Scanning Service is Worth It?

Isn’t it expensive to scan your photos, especially if archiving these photos is a one time project? With SaveMyPiz, we keep our photo scanning services professional and affordable. Here’s 3 simple reasons why you let SaveMyPiz help you with your photo scanning project. We’ll take that heap of photos and transform them affordably. And the best part? We never sacrifice quality when it comes to your photo digitization. Every piece is individually scanned and every photo goes through a basic touch up, so as to re-create the memories that were captured in the photos. Photo scanning projects has never gotten so easy.

Contact SaveMyPiz today and transform your old photos into digital masterpieces – because every photograph holds a memory.

That’s me in the orange top, with my brother in the centre, who is currently the Operations Manager.