Fun Ways to Do with your Digital Photos!


Once you scan your photos you not only have a digital copy safe and sound but you can now easily print multiple copies at a moment’s notices and do tons of cool stuff with your digital photos as well! In fact, the possibilities are limited only by your own imagination! You can use your photos to make personalized gifts, heartwarming home decor and much more! This is why you should take advantage of our photo scanning service in Singapore to digitize your photo memories, so that you can create awesome ways to share and make gifts for your loved ones.

Share your digital photos online with family and friends! Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have made photo sharing fun and interactive. You can post your best photos of that fancy dinner party you had last week and all of your family and friends that couldn’t make the event can drool over all the great food and drinks they missed out on! Post a photo of your new puppy (everyone loves cute puppies) and see how many “likes” you can get!


Did you know that there are websites you can upload your digital photos to that will print them right onto the pages of a book for you? Gone are the days of plastic-film covered pages of photo albums, now your photos can be perfectly printed on high quality pages that will never fall out of the book! You can also add beautiful typography (that’s a fancy word for “text”) to tell a story about your photos on the pages of your book.Do you have a favorite photo? Why not have it blown up, 8×10, maybe even bigger? You can have a full poster size made if you have a high resolution digital photo. A very trendy home design idea right now is to turn your digital photo to black and white (there are many free online computer programs to help you do this) and blow it up. Add a thick black frame and you have wall art!There are many things you can make as gifts using your digital photos by uploading them to any number of websites such as; calendars, coffee cups, t-shirts, tote bags, puzzles, greeting cards, blankets and more!

If you miss the look and feel of traditional photos, don’t worry! You can have as many copies of your digital photos printed on regular photo paper as you would you like. You can then pass these around, put them in albums and do all things you remember doing with them in the “good old days.”

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