How to Prepare Your Photos for Scanning


Your photos are precious, often capturing the most memorable of occasions and special moments of your life. Their importance is only equaled by their vulnerability. Paper photographs are easily lost to fire, water damage, loss, theft, or other forms of destruction. Using digital technology you can now scan your photographs, making electronic representations of them that can be backed up and reprinted at any time.The only problem is you have hundreds, maybe thousands of photographs, limited technical equipment and knowledge and only so many hours in a day. Now photo scanning in Singapore just got easier with Savemypiz. This Singapore based company will scan your most treasured photo graphs for you in a fraction of the time it would have taken you to do yourself at a very high quality for a reasonable cost.In order to have the best experience possible, here are a few tips to get you started. Before sending your photos in to be scanned, you will want to do a little prep work that will save you time and money in the end.

Some Simple Tips Before the Photo Scan

1. Sort your photos. Make sure you are only sending in photos you really want to digitize. Many people have shoe boxes full of duplicate photos or photos that are out of focus but you kept just because you printed them. This is your chance to do a little spring cleaning. The beauty of scanning your photos is that you only need to scan one copy and you can make as many prints as you want over time.

2. SaveMyPiz provides an additional service of having fantastic organizational skills. Your photos are going to come back to you in digital folders that make perfect sense. If you want you photos categorized a certain way you will need to let SaveMyPiz know by sorting and grouping your photos that way now.

3. Categorize your photos by date, theme or event and put them in ziplock bags. This will not only help SaveMyPiz organize your photos for you digitally but it will also put you one step ahead when archiving your paper photos when you get them back.

4. If you are having slides or negatives scanned make sure to sort and bag these separately as well.

It is now easier than ever to have your photos professional y scanned locally in Singapore! There is no need to risk shipping your precious photos overseas or investing a bundle of cash in expensive technical equipment you will only use once. Let the experts at SaveMyPiz take care of the baby photos and great grandmother’s wedding portrait, so that they can be enjoyed by generations to come! This is being topped off by having one of the most reasonable and affordable pricing.

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