Photo Scanning Gets Easier & More Affordable

What SaveMyPiz offers is Professional Photo Scanning services at Affordable prices. We believe that we have been doing this well from the numerous feedback from our esteemed clients that we have had the pleasure of serving. Not only have we managed to help them prolong the lifespans of their precious memories, we have helped them save precious time and money.


However, at SaveMyPiz, we are always finding new ways to educate and bring to the community the importance having their memories preserved. And today, we are pleased to announce that we have found another way to help you make the photo scanning project of yours more affordable and convenient.

We understand that for some, the hardest part is not in the decision to start the digitization project. Rather, it is in the preparation and packing of the photos for the scanning project. It is then for this simple reason that we have added another option, so as to lighten your load and make it easier for you to have your precious memories preserved, and kill procrastination.


Save Your Beautiful Memories Today!

For an additional of ONLY 5 cents per photo, we will take away the tedious job of removing the photos out from the albums prior to scanning. After which, we will pack all the photos from the small album in to a bag.

  • 1. No more messy albums pull outs
  • 2. No more troubles with badly damaged albums
  • 3. Get photos back with them properly packed in bags
  • 4. No more procrastination
  • 5. Easy & Convenient
  • 6. Affordable alternative
  • 7. Make memories last!

For more information, please check out our updated Services & Pricing page.

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