Photos are GOLD, and you should only use a TRUSTED service

Granted, there are many services sprouting out in sunny Singapore! It’s awesome that we Singaporeans are getting more and more entrepreneurial. And competition is good for the business as well, as it spur one another to improve on pricing and quality of service provided.Do we feel threatened by the increased competition? Honestly, we are not threatened. However, we worry for fellow Singaporeans who only consider the pricing aspect of this enormous task. You are actually preserving and making your precious family available for your sons, and grandsons. This is a very important task, and what you should be considering is not the price first but on the quality of the service that you are going to pay for. You want someone who can do it once and do it WELL!This is what this post is for. We are not going to tell you how good our services are. We are not going to tell you that we are the cheapest as well. In fact, we are not going to tell you anything other than the 3 important areas you need to consider before contacting a particular photo scanning service.
*PS: Of course we do hope that you will trust us, and give us the honor of preserving your precious memories, like what we have done for many others since 2010!

1. Not Price but Quality of Service Provided

You may ask how you can determine one’s quality from the other. Ultimately, everyone is saying good things about themselves. I understand that. That is why it is important to look at the reviews from their past customers.

When reading about those testimonials, it is important to check on the authenticity of the testimonials. E.g. can you trust a certain review since they are part of the website, with no proof that it is from a real customer.

One way that SaveMyPiz is different is that all testimonials are shown in its actual original form, e.g. email, Facebook comment or via messages on Phone. In this way, we only offer the full review of our services to potential clients from past clients. Not only does this honest reviews give potential clients assurance that we are sincere and legit, it also shows the high quality of service rendered.

Bottomline, unless a service is done supremely well, a customer will not actually go and waste precious time writing a testimonial for that company. And supremely well means that quality service is rendered. Period.

2. Pricing wise: Compare apple with apple

There are many ways services price themselves. However, what is important, and I want you to be informed on one of the most important aspect of scanning – DPI. Simply put, 300dpi is inferior to 600dpi. Some services are provided a cheaper price but at 300dpi, which means that if you are scanning a 3R photo, you will not be able to blow it up later if you need to.

With 600dpi, you can actually re-produce/re-print the photo to twice the size of the original size. Not only that, when you view the particular photo in its digitized form, you will be able to notice a quality difference from the 300dpi.

Since this photo scanning project is going to be a one-time event, why not choose a normal 600dpi scanning service over a slightly cheaper one offering a 300dpi scan? I call it is Law of Coming Back. If you do it once but do it in a slipshod manner, it is going to come back and bite you, as it would mean that you may need to spend again just to have it properly digitized.

At SaveMyPiz, we only scan at 600dpi, as it is POINTLESS to have clients get the 300dpi option. Not only will it not aid in the possibility of re-printing the image, it does nothing to value-add YOU, the one who have swore to serve, the one we swore to ensure that your memories are well-preserved.

Bottomline, there is no point in saving a few cents just to get an inferior quality of 300dpi.

3. Customer Service
(Responsiveness is a precursor to great service & quality)

Lastly, how do you judge if a particular service is worth paying for? It is in their responsiveness. Responsiveness shows a few things – commitment, passion, sincerely care.

When it comes to photo scanning, dealing with HIGH VALUE photo memories, you just cannot risk it. You only have ONE set of these OLD and PRECIOUS photos. Are you sure you are willing to give it to someone who offers a cheaper price but with a lousy or slow customer service experience? What does that show? It may not mean anything but wouldn’t you want to have one who is always there to answer your enquiries, and to be when you need an assistance?

Remember, you only have one set of these precious photos, and you would not want to risk it giving it to someone who is not committed and passionate about customer service, someone who could not really care too much.

SaveMyPiz promises to be responsive because it is our MISSION to help each and every Singaporeans bring their old photo memories into the digital age. We are committed to ensure that each and every one of your photos are scanned without the use of a auto-feeder. Auto-feeders may be fast in getting the job done but we could not risk it. As with machines, just a photo getting caught in the feeder can be a great thing!

We are definitely passionate about our service and business because we are looking at building a movement, a movement towards saving our precious memories of yesteryears, of our grandparents & great-grandparents.

Finally, we care. We are always find ways to provide value to our clients. We value each and everyone, whether you are scanning 3000 pieces or even just one. In fact, we care so much that if you choose to scan or digitize your photos yourself, we provide tips and techniques on how you can do it right, so that you can have great results the first time round.

I hope that this has been informative in regard to how you can choose a proper, professional and valuable photo scanning service in Singapore. As mentioned, you can always follow us on our Facebook page or Twitter account, or even visit our website for more tips and promotions.

To our beautiful memories,

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