1. Credibility & Authenticity

We deliver what we promise. Professional & Affordable Photo Scanning Service means we enjoy there is quality in the work but still at an attractive price. In another sense, whatever that we are unable to do or perform, we will never misrepresent to our clients. We never promise the sky and deliver the sea. We always seek to over-deliver than to under-deliver. This is evident from the numerous of testimonials that we have received.

Each and every single testimonial is copied either straight from our email or Facebook page. In this way, there is no way to edit what others truly have to say about our service. The link to our testimonials is as follow:


The key thing is we always learn and improve upon what our clients say. If it is something positive, it re-enforces our commitment to our photo scanning service that we are providing. If it is something negative, we will review it and make the necessary improvements for our future projects.

2. Personal Touch

To be honest, SaveMyPiz is not a huge or big corporation. That aside, it does not mean that the quality of our photo scanning service is compromised. On the contrary, being small means that each and every one of our clients are served personally. We will always be upfront with out clients on the backlog that we are having and how long we think we would take to finish up their projects.

Everything is revolved around you, our client. If you have an urgent job, we will prioritize or even work through the night, just so as to deliver to you that which you have required. Seeing your smile and your appreciation is what we work for, of course, apart from the monetary reward for providing the service. No request is too inconvenient or impossible for us. To us, it is about finding out what you need, and doing our best to provide you with solutions and alternatives, whenever needed.

3. Reasonably Priced

This is brainless. At SaveMyPiz, we are proud to declare that we do not use auto-feeders. Auto-feeders just may jeopardize the precious memories of our clients. You know, photos may be stuck, etc. This means that each and every photo is individually scanned. Despite this, the price for our photo scanning service is less than 20% of what you will be charged by those Photo Development shops in Singapore.

The purpose of us pricing the way we do is to make it affordable for every Singaporean to digitize or scan their photos, so that they can merge their old memories with their new age photographs. You may get cheaper service, I will give that to you. But are you sure you are willing to risk your precious memories with those who are using auto-feeders?

SaveMyPiz scans photos individually on a professional flatbed Photo Scanner at a reasonable price. Nuff said.

For more reasons, if you are still not convince, we invite you to our  Why SaveMyPiz? page.