Why Outsource Scanning to SaveMyPiz?

So you have quite a number of photos to scan, probably somewhere in the 500s to more than 1000. Let me help you break down on the actual cost and why it may be cheaper for you to engage our professional and affordable photo scanning service, the FIRST to offer this value to Singaporeans way back in 2009.

Based on an average of 1500 photos
Photo Scanner (Quality) – SGD300
Average time required (no experience) to scan and edit – 50 photos an hour
Total time required – 30 hours
Salary for an average working adult – SGD15 per hour
Total Cost for scanning & edting:
30 hours X SGD12 = SGD450
**Note: It could cost more if speed is slower, and similarly, lesser if you are fast. It is just a guide. 

Grand Total (Doing it Yourself): SGD750

So how much does it cost for you to send it in and have SaveMyPiz professionally scan and digitize your photos?
Price for Scanning & Editing 1500 photos:
SGD0.30 X 1500 = SGD450
**Photos are delivered to us loose.

Savings: SGD300! (40% savings)

But that’s not all! Look at what are the other advantages of having us digitizing and scan your photographs.

  1. You can get all these done in less than 3 weeks!
  2. All photos are professional scanned and edited.
  3. You do not have to worry about storing your photo scanner after this one time project.
  4. Your photos are properly categorized and sorted into separate folders.
  5. You do not have to deal with the mess during the process of the scanning.
  6. No procrastination, as we are the one doing it!
  7. Personalized service where our priority is to bring a smile to your face after the whole project!

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