Should you scan/digitize your Photo Memories?

The world of photo scanning has opened our eyes to a new way to preserve our family’s history. Maintaining and managing a family photo book in the past was nothing short of a monumental task which left a lot of people fearful. They were fearful because they were nervous that in the event of a flood or fire years and years of their family history would be completely wiped out. Now with the ability to have photos digitized by a scanner, it gives families a piece of mind to know that their valuable photos are safe. There are many benefits to scanning old photographs and we will take a look at those in the rest of this piece.

One of the first benefits is obviously the preservation of family memories. The greatest risk to any photo collection is one that comes with time. As the different generations inherit different photos there is more of a likelihood for damage to occur. Photo scanning has given us the opportunity to be able to keep those secure forever. Old black-and-white photos will fade and dissipate over time, and this worry is pretty much eliminated by scanning your photos. SaveMyPiz also provides advanced photo restoration and repair through our ProTouch Services.

What about safety? Once you have your photos scanned you do not have to worry anymore about the storage of them. You will still want to keep your originals and a cool dry place, but if worst case happens it is not as though those memories are lost forever. Why? Because you took the initiative to scan the photos and preserve the memories of your family. Also you can now share some of the photos online through different social media websites or photo sharing websites that will allow all members of your family to experience all generations of their heritage. Taking advantage of the technology of photo scanning can open your eyes to new things about your family that you may have never known.

Don’t have time to scan all of your old photos? Good thing for you is there are companies dedicated to doing this for you. Not only will you get the benefit of someone doing the photo scanning for you but they can also organize your pictures in an interesting array however you see fit. Not only will you get the convenience of knowing that your photos are safe, but now you will get the added benefit of knowing that they are being archived and scanned by someone who is a professional in the industry. Most are also happy to find out also that these photo scanning companies are very affordable in nature (Check out SaveMyPiz’s unbelievable pricing), and for the service they provide is well worth it.

If you’re looking to outsource the scanning of your photographs it will probably get done quicker as well. A very large size photo collection can often be scanned by a professional company in two weeks or less. We think once you do you’ll be satisfied with the work they offer or you will be on your way to preserving your family history through the scanning of your old photographs.

Let SaveMyPiz be that avenue for you. Here’s why. Get your photo scanned today. Contact us through the Contact Us page or simply email Damian at or call 97504880 (Damian).