Preserving Photo Memories is Easier now!

SaveMyPiz was formed to help Singaporeans preserve their photo memories by providing photo scanning service that is professional and economical. We understand that in life there are some things that money cannot buy, and lost memories are one of them. However, we are lucky that there are photographs to help reminisce on those beautiful moments. This is why it is really important to preserve all our beautiful memories before the photographs are too badly faded, damaged or even lost.

Our Government is trying to entice Singaporeans to have more babies by doing studies and researchs on what can be some of the strategies to encourage that. At SaveMyPiz, we are also actively finding ways to educate and to inform Singaporeans on the importance of preserving their precious memories through photo scanning. Over the years, we have re-adjusted and improve on our offering. Today, we have something beautiful to share as well, and we hope that this will encourage more Singaporeans to pass us their photo memories to preserve through digitization.

From today onward, we want you to pass us your photo albums, and we encourage you by creating an additional option, on top of our existing remove & replace option, to help you with the removal of your photographs from the albums prior to scanning. This option will ease you on the hassle of having to take all the photographs out from some really old albums that may be hard to remove. What you can do prior to sending us the photo albums is to remove those photographs that you do not need to be digitized, e.g. blurry images.

After removing the photographs from the albums, we will scan the photo and put all the photos into a ziplock bag (Free of charge) for your subsequent easier storage and protection. We are really excited about this new offering simply because not only are we helping you to preserve your photographs, we are helping you organize, save space in your house and prolong the lifespan of your hardcopy photographs by putting them in ziplock bags.

All the hard work will only be charged an additional of $0.05 per photo, which is a great deal! Imagine not only you are saving your precious photo memories, you are also saving space in your house! If you need us to help you dispose your old albums, if will be gladly performed at no additional charge.

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