SaveMyPiz is always finding new ways to serve our valuable customers. We are proud to announce our latest service – ProTouch, Premier Photo Editing Service. This latest professional photo editing service repairs and further enhances your precious memories and turn them into beautiful ones, especially old photos that are badly torn or dirtied.

Photo editing need lots of patience and it can be quite complex and thus a professional is needed to help complete the task to produce a realistic, stunning and appealing photos which most of the time the camera cannot accomplish on its own. Even professional photographers have included photo editing into their photos post-processing process for delivery to their clients.

This is different from the basic touch-ups or photo editing that we are already providing with your photo scanning package, as the basic photo editing only corrects the color and the lighting. For a more complete restoration and photo editing, SaveMyPiz recommends ProTouch, so as to bring forth the true glory of your memories.

Basically, there are 2 packages to choose from in ProTouch.

ProTouch Genie – Advanced Photo Editing & Enhancement

      • Red eyes removal
      • Noise reduction
      • Color adjustment
      • Sharpening images

Pricing: SGD$5.00 per photo.
After receiving the scanned/digitized photos, just advise us on the photos information, and we will process them accordingly before sending it in a separate DVD to you.

ProTouch Wizard – Complete Photo Editing & Enhancement

      • Slimming
      • Cropping
      • Hair removal
      • Eye bags removal
      • Cloning items
      • Change object color
      • Removal of unwanted object
      • Removal of blemish
      • Teeth whitening
      • Change background
      • Lens correction
      • Enlarging or shrinking photo size
      • Special photo effect
      • HDR
      • Photo repair and restore from damaged or deteriorated photo
      • Photo scanning will include removal of extreme photo noise

Pricing: Depends on Complexity of task
The duration of photo editing process depends on the effort required. Typically, it will take about 15 mins per photo. However, for complex editing, it may take up to hours.