We are going to tell you why you need our photo scanning service. Now that we are in a digital age where digital photography is so common, capturing lives precious moments is so much easier. However, all is not lost for the old film photographs or negatives sitting at some corners of your house. Recapturing and preserving those memories is now easy and affordable too through our photo scanning service. Read more on why you should have your photo memories scanned.

SaveMyPiz is definitely the photo scanning service for you! We find satisfaction in knowing that we are creating priceless joy for you and your loved ones when your memories are properly stored and protected from the harsh conditions through scanning, also known as digitizing. In fact, to lose any one of these precious photographs can be quite maddening, as you know that there will not be a way you can bring back that particular memory.

Before I answer why our photo scanning service, allow me to ask you two questions first?

    1. Why buy a scanner just to scan your old photographs since it is going to be an one off project
    1. Why waste your own time just to backup your precious memories?

Save the hassle! Let the professional do it for you. Engage our photo scanning service and not only do you save on the cost of a scanner, you also save on your precious time too, as we believe that you much better things to use your time with.

Let us do the hard work for you! Now you can merge your old photo memories with your new digital ones without breaking any sweat or even your bank. How awesome is that!

SaveMyPiz’s Photo Scanning Service promises are these:

    • Three letters that matter to us – Y.O.U
      Your satisfaction is our joy!
    • Every photograph is individually scanned
    • Professional and Quality scans
      With basic touch-ups included free!
    • Original raw scans & Edited Scans will be given to you, so you have the choice to choose
    • Sorting of photos into years or events is also available upon request, which is also going for FREE!
      Must have a minimum of 30-50 photos per directory
    • Discount on collection and delivery charges*
    • Free CD/DVD(s)*
    • Your precious originals will be well taken care of.
    • Scanned copies are stored for a period of 1 month.
      You can always get another replacement copy if you lose your copy.
    • Your images are strictly confidential.
      We respect your privacy and honor the trust you have given us to preserve them.

*Terms & Conditions apply

A few sample portfolio of our photo scanning service: